How you too can help our mission!

Girls Spark is about helping teen girls with the challenging social issues they are facing today.

Boys feel many of the same social pressures too!

Did you know…

Depression among teenage boys and girls combined is at an all-time high of 11%?

For teenage girls battling depression, that number is at 17%. Often they are suffering alone and without the help they need.

Depression is only one of the many issues for teenage girls.

Self Esteem – Body Image – Exclusion – Bullying

These are just a few of the hard issues girls are facing every day!

You too can help by supporting and sharing our mission and event.

Please spread the word to your sisters, cousins, friends and parents. Start a conversation that could make an impact with someone you love.

By helping the teenage girls in your life you too can help Ignite Awareness Overcome Adversity, and Inspire Others for Change.