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Upcoming Girls Spark Virtual Workshops

Girl Power

Presented by ADREAN TURNER

October 8, 2023 @ 7PM


Program Description

Get pumped for this free, dynamic workshop with coach Adrean! Learn transformative ways to build influence, be gritty, take risks, and achieve your goals! If you can dream it - you can be it! Anything is possible at any age or stage of your life when you activate your GIRL POWER!



Adrean, MBA, MAM, PCC, is an award winning speaker, author, trainer, educator, executive leadership coach, and owner and Vice President of Premium Cigar Bar, Restaurant and Lounge.

Past Girls Spark Workshops

Finding Justice: The Untold Story of Women’s Fight for the Vote

Presented by AMANDA OWENS

March 8, 2023 @ 7PM

Program Description

Screening of a 19-minute documentary Finding Justice: The Untold Story of Women’s Fight for the Vote. Part present-day detective story and part a historical account of the movement for voting rights.

The story of a band of intrepid women and their one-ton bronze bell that became a celebrated icon of the women's suffrage movement.

Following the screening, a Q&A with the filmmaker and Executive Director of the Justice Bell Foundation, Amanda Owens.

#rightstovote #justice


Amanda co-founded a nonprofit, the Justice Bell Foundation, which is dedicated to reclaiming women's history and promoting voter participation. Since its founding, she has made a short film Finding Justice: The Untold Story of Women's Fight for the Vote, which has aired on PBS stations and at the National Women's History Museum among other locations and venues. She commissioned a public art project in partnership with the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, a replica Justice Bell that travels to institutions, museums, and organizations, to educate the public about this lost icon of the women's suffrage movement and the women who fought for voting rights. Amanda has also participated in creating a school program that introduces children to the story of the women's suffrage movement.

Healthy Relationships

Presented by ERIN-LEE KELLY

FEB 13, 2023 @ 6PM

Program Description

In this interactive, engaging spark event take we will learn about healthy relationships.

In this event, you will...

- Explore the ins and outs of relationships.

- Discuss how certain relationships could impact your emotional health.

- Understand what experts recommend you do about these relationships.

#relationships #healthyrelationships


Erin-Lee Kelly is a sex educator, professor and counseling therapist. When she is not doing psychotherapy in her private practice, she is leading seminars and classes in sexual health education. She has a Masters in Education in Human Sexuality, Masters in Clinical Counseling and holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology. She is certified as a National Certified Psychologist (2010) and with the North American Association of Masters of Psychology. Ms. Kelly is a Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor and an adjunct faculty at several local universities. Erin-Lee Kelly is currently working towards her PhD in Human Sexuality at Widener University.

Art Therapy: The Vagus Nerve & It's Importance in Balance

Presented by MICHAELA HERR

DEC 6, 2022 @ 7PM

Program Description

She will be teaching participants how to regulate the VAGUS NERVE. What is this? It essentially REGULATES THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. It's based on PolyVagal Theory by Stephen Porges and encourages us to view the nervous system's responses as information and is set up to guide us to seek ways to activate the vagus nerve to get us back to a ventral vagal state, which is our rest, digest, and calm place.

In this event, you will...

- Learn 5+ ways to regulate your nervous system

- Experience HOW to activate your VAGUS Nerve & Learn what it is!

- Create an image that will guide you to help your body when stressed

#VAGUSNerve #health


With passion and drive, Michaela strives to give every person she works with a voice. She creates a safe space for people to explore that voice through art materials, which are tools to help express, communicate, and connect to themselves. Michaela is curious around the root and context of how people arrive to therapy. She encourages growth and empowers and provides take aways for people to work on outside of their time together. Michaela believes in meeting each person and family where they are. Her passion for healing, positivity, compassion, patience, and sense of humor capture her spirit and mission.

Microaggression & Unconscious Bias


Oct 17, 2022

Program Description

You are so articulate. Can I touch your hair? You should smile more. You are so thin!" These sentiments are known as “microaggressions.” Have you ever felt excluded? Or just felt out of place?

In this event, you will...

- Identify different forms of microaggressions

- Learn and share tools and language to how respond to thems

- Explore unconscious bias and discover methods to help yourself and others

#microaggression #unconsciousbias


Affectionately known as “Dr. Dom”, Domonique Revere, PhD is an award winning, thought-provoking leader, educator and people advocate. Her life’s work has been dedicated to creating spaces and conversations, to do the work. A skilled coach, gifted facilitator, as well as, a JEDI and leadership development expert, she has built capacity in leaders to grow personally, develop professionally and transform organizations. By skillfully creating space to explore challenging and new dialogue, Domonique allows for heightened self-awareness and experimentation with new behaviors that lead to powerful breakthroughs.

Combating Anxiety

Presented by CARA DIXON, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC